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Hardware Review – Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Homido is 100% 3D compatible, allowing you to watch your favorite 3D movies. The binocular vision mode of the headset and the two VR lenses offer a perfect stereoscopic experience.

Perfect? that might be debatable but good fun, certainly.

Good friend returns a solid – Somebody bought me GTA 5

GTA 5 is a lot of fun. Cruising with friends, racing pushbikes, robbing convenience stores and meth labs. Good times.

Are you a HACKER?

Consider yourself a ‘hacker’. Someone who wants to make things better, to pull a thing apart and put it back together except new and more you. Hacking isn’t necessarily a technical thing though the movie is clearly focused on it’s impact regarding computers. Still, are you? Do you take pride in making things better, your dinner, your kids, your home, and your life. Doesn’t it scare you how people react to hackers, to you!

NXT Client – Offspring 0.2.1 alpha is Great

I’d been waiting for the client to become user friendly. Was such a pain to get it all happening to start with.

Not only that, decentralized exchange is so very exciting.

TPP – Why arent Australian’s annoyed?

I’m always astounded by how little interest Australia takes in technology.

As a country we are uniquely situated to not only pump resources into new technologies but take advantage of said technologies. With recent backlash regarding the lackluster FTTN #FRAUDBAND roll out of fiber across the country to the sudden and almost impromptu embracing of regional schools and technical teaching aids such as tablets and electronic whiteboards it was starting to look like Australian’s were ‘getting’ it.

However the TPP is a clear sign we don’t ‘get’ it. In fact our bumbling, yokel conservative ‘well I don’t know bout that there thingy but I likes me some porn’ approach to the internet is going to leave the whole world reeling. Is that you, or someone you know more interested in how fast and free they can download illegal movies or pornography than securing the internet as a resource for the generations to come. Shame on you.

I miss video games so much – Part 1

Hi, you might know me from such video games as everything that was released ever, and you’ll know I simply love video games.  All of them, even the one’s that aren’t very good. So when I say I fucking hate video games so much I could scream you might wonder what kind of bi-polar point I’m trying to make.

Hardware Review – Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7

Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7 AsusIt’s been a few days since my Bluetooth keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7 arrived from MobileZap and I can honestly say it’s a bloody good product.

As a case it fits the Nexus well, sporting the same style of black textured plastic and silver trimming iconic to the Nexus 7. The surface is somewhat less ‘grippy’ than the Nexus but this doesn’t cause an issue in normal use, in fact the keyboard base functioned brilliantly on all surfaces I tried including my kitchen table, my office desk and my lap (in bed or otherwise). I wouldn’t advise using it on your lap, as the small keys really need a stable base to be functional (this might change as I grow used to the tiny layout). It would be unfair to expect aluminium construction considering the keyboards price and weight, but it does a good imitation that doesn’t come off tacky. Visually it is a complete product and offers a robust solution to protect the screen during storage. For those of us who require a keyboard more than a case, looks and physical security are secondary.

I’m playing – Cube World

I’ve been running around a bit in this lovely little world. Procedural generated worlds for exploration and adventure. It’s not Minecraft but shares inspiration from the genre and looks suitably suited as a family orientated game.

Dear Dell F**** You #1

I’m not sure if anyone else has come across this particular model but I’m not spending that long dismantling a laptop to access a hdd.

Quicker to call Google than Telstra

It seems that  communications companies are universally incapable of being communicated with.