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I’m playing – Cube World

I’ve been running around a bit in this lovely little world. Procedural generated worlds for exploration and adventure. It’s not Minecraft but shares inspiration from the genre and looks suitably suited as a family orientated game.

So sick of Chuck Norris Jokes… unless

So um, I like Pacman and I don’t really like Chuck Norris but this was a laugh out loud moment.

Star Fox: Space Oddity | Brentalfloss

This took me by surprise, I’ve never even played the popular Nintendo title and I still found myself chuckling to myself.

You can find the title on band camp here.

Terraria – It’s an Adventure

I’m 1200 ft down, and all I can think about is ‘Why didn’t I bring more torches?’ It’s dark, and shadows flicker in the dim edges of my vision.I can hear them coming. I had never suspected that my journeywould lead me here, lost and hoping for a miracle, in this dank hole,somewhere far beneath the surface.

Terraria (2011) is developed by Andrew (Redigit) Spinks and his team Jeremy (Blue) Guerrette; Finn (Tiy) Bryce; and Gabriel (Red Yoshi) Henrique Kiesshau. Terraria is a game about discovering your own adventure. One of those focus-on-the-journey- not-the-destination adventures, where you find your inner person struggling to escape into the fantasy.

Lacking a single genre, I would call Terraria an exploration, adventure and building game, themed on such classics as Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo, 1983) and Super Wonder Boy (Sega, 1986). It offers a traditional audio experience, and includes classic background music to match the retro atmosphere. Unfortunately genre classification and traditional review methods don’t do Terraria justice. With this in mind I thought it best to share just one of my experiences with you.