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Hardware Review – Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Homido is 100% 3D compatible, allowing you to watch your favorite 3D movies. The binocular vision mode of the headset and the two VR lenses offer a perfect stereoscopic experience.

Perfect? that might be debatable but good fun, certainly.

Hardware Review – Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Qi Wireless Charging Kit

51026Keeping my Note 4 charged is a never ending battle. Coming from a Sony Xperia Z series means I’m used to 4 days battery life and the Note 4’s impressive screen real estate and snappy processing capabilities reduce that to a day at best. Enter the Wireless charging solution, and what a solution it is. I scored an Official Samsung Note 4 Qi kit from Mobilezapp and I can say I’m very pleased.

Hardware Review – Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo SpiderpodiumSometimes products are hard to review because they simply do what they are designed to do and they cost very little. Welcome to the Breffo Spiderpodium which was kindly offered to me for review by MobileZapp. I mean it’s not like I don’t have some nice things to say about the little beastie, it is just that it is what it is and there isn’t much else to be said.

Hardware Review – Jabra Wave+

Spending up to 4 hours a session on a mobile phone a bluetooth headset isn’t so much an accessory as it is a requirement for day to day business. Requiring long battery life and good noise cancellation for on the go conversations the Jabra Wave turned out an exceptionally well priced option. Thanks to the boys over at MobileZap for getting one to me promptly (my old headset had fallen in a puddle) who provided the Jabra Wave+ for review.

Hardware Review – Sony Smartphone Tripod

Smartphone TripodNot being amongst the group of people known for photographic handling skills I find myself in need of a tripod to get the most out of my smartphone’s ability to capture beautiful memories of my kids at sport, or laughable moments of my friends while drunk. I’d like to again thank the people from MobileZap for their generous provision of one such Sony Smartphone Tripod.

As always it arrived in good time, a lightweight tripod made of black durable plastic and a separate screw mount clamp designed to hold any 5″ or smaller smartphone.

Hardware Review – Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z – Black

Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z - BlackTwo weeks travelling across Australia (a good time despite the circumstances) is a great opportunity to put my new Xperia Z Case to the test. I’d like to thank the people over at MobileZap my review unit of the Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z.

First impressions where good, a solid leather case with minimal extra’s. My phone fit perfectly with no need to force it into place and no fear of it slipping out unexpectedly. The leather has a fine texture making the unit as a whole easy to grip and stylish. Robust enough to take a few falls while protecting the phone inside and easy to clean.

Hardware Review – Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7

Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7 AsusIt’s been a few days since my Bluetooth keyboard and Case for Google Nexus 7 arrived from MobileZap and I can honestly say it’s a bloody good product.

As a case it fits the Nexus well, sporting the same style of black textured plastic and silver trimming iconic to the Nexus 7. The surface is somewhat less ‘grippy’ than the Nexus but this doesn’t cause an issue in normal use, in fact the keyboard base functioned brilliantly on all surfaces I tried including my kitchen table, my office desk and my lap (in bed or otherwise). I wouldn’t advise using it on your lap, as the small keys really need a stable base to be functional (this might change as I grow used to the tiny layout). It would be unfair to expect aluminium construction considering the keyboards price and weight, but it does a good imitation that doesn’t come off tacky. Visually it is a complete product and offers a robust solution to protect the screen during storage. For those of us who require a keyboard more than a case, looks and physical security are secondary.