Hardware Review – Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Homido is 100% 3D compatible, allowing you to watch your favorite 3D movies. The binocular vision mode of the headset and the two VR lenses offer a perfect stereoscopic experience.

Perfect? that might be debatable but good fun, certainly.

Attempt #1

A few weeks ago I received a Homido Virtual Reality Headset from my good friends over at mobilezap. To say I was excited is an understatement and it took about 15 second to hastily force the thing over my head and begin trying to use it. In my haste I smudged the lenses and forgot that I might need to set up my phone first. Time to slow down a little.

Mobile Virtual Reality (and virtual reality itself) is still virgin technology and I’m not going to say they are making it easy to love. Without some kind of universal control it is not going to go well, Homido misses the mark here and compounds with an uncomfortable headset (at least for big heads like mine) to create a stilted and disappointing first experience. Seems I’m a bit of a tech snob because I was similarly unimpressed with the Occulus Rift DKII for many of the same reasons.

How to overcome this experience, I gave it to my kids (I didn’t have any grandparents around.) Perhaps I’m Jaded because my kids loved it, loved it so much in fact every time they see it sitting on my desk they will not stop pestering me for another go, just once more, just one more go please, dad can I have another go.

Watching my kids weaving and laughing and yelling while they experienced some of the worst 3d modeled dinosaurs this side of the 21st century walking around a terribly designed 3d city made me realise that you can’t review Virtual Reality, you have to experience it and that means the willing suspension of disbelief.

So after a few ‘quiet’ drinks I tried again.

Attempt #2

Virtual Reality is an amazingly cool and fun technology and the Homido Virtual Reality Headset is an affordable way to get a taste of that exciting experience. That future comes in a few flavors.

“Virtual Reality Experiences” like roller coasters or being chased by dinosaurs amusing but almost entirely non interactive. This is what you ashow to your grandparents or spouse to see if they get motion sickness.

“Virtual Reality Games that weren’t designed for virtual reality” but are good fun like every first person shooter you’ve ever played on the mobile platform. I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought, it seemed forced and stilted. For some reason kids love these.

My favorite true “Virtual Reality Games” like the incredibly fun and arguably educational Keep talking and nobody explodes.

As yet I haven’t had ‘Keep talking and nobody explodes’ working seamlessly from my PC to my Samsung Note 4 (And thus Homido) but there is significant discussion online regarding making  this happen. When it does this may well become a weekly family fun time. It will also open up new uses for my Homido like a makeshift VR for mainstream titles like Elite Dangerous (also known as Space Trucker 2015) or GTA 5 (Also known as life simulator that is entirely unsuitable for kids or grandparents.)



Virtual Reality isn’t here yet but the Homido VR Headset is a great starting point. As the utility of Virtual Reality headsets grow more robust many of the tech issues and confusions will fade away until then my advice is, buy a Homido and let your kids play it first. After your kids have shown you how to have fun again give it a try yourself,  you won’t be disappointed.

10/10 would watch kids remind me how not to be a boring old man.

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