Hardware Review – Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z – Black

Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z - BlackTwo weeks travelling across Australia (a good time despite the circumstances) is a great opportunity to put my new Xperia Z Case to the test. I’d like to thank the people over at MobileZap my review unit of the Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z.

First impressions where good, a solid leather case with minimal extra’s. My phone fit perfectly with no need to force it into place and no fear of it slipping out unexpectedly. The leather has a fine texture making the unit as a whole easy to grip and stylish. Robust enough to take a few falls while protecting the phone inside and easy to clean.

Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z - BlackThe case  doesn’t hinder the use of the phone or the camera though you do need to have the case open when using the camera to see the screen. I would like to be able to have the case closed and the charging cable plugged in, this seems to be an issue across all Xperia cases and is only a minor annoyance. The internal pockets store one or two cards and a few notes for discreet  cash and id holding, perfect for travelling or perhaps night clubbing. You can’t fit an entire wallet in the case but certainly the most essential things can be kept with your phone allowing you freedom from pockets full of id, bank cards and debris.

I’ve traveled from one side of Australia to the other and back with this in my pocket. I’ve dropped, kicked and even half buried (on the beaches of Adelaide) the thing with no ill effects to my phone. Even the fine sands of the beach don’t seem to cause an issue. There isn’t much you can say about a phone case except that it does the job of protecting the phone and looks stylish enough to have been part of the device from production, in that sense all boxes are ticked.

Conclusion – Solid Case that looks as stylish as the Xperia Z it was designed to protect.

Quality is it’s own reward and Xenus seems aware of this with all their products. I cant say as I could go without this one as it has become as much a part of my phone as my phone is a part of my everyday life.

Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z - Black - Open

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