Hardware Review – Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Qi Wireless Charging Kit

51026Keeping my Note 4 charged is a never ending battle. Coming from a Sony Xperia Z series means I’m used to 4 days battery life and the Note 4’s impressive screen real estate and snappy processing capabilities reduce that to a day at best. Enter the Wireless charging solution, and what a solution it is. I scored an Official Samsung Note 4 Qi kit from Mobilezapp and I can say I’m very pleased.

The unit comes with Samsung’s usual ‘plastic but looks like leather’ setup and as always its ‘tacky’ but helps to grip in the hand. I can’t say as I’ve ever really thought Samsung’s choice of back plate was a good one but functional (in this case physical security) over form makes sense for an 800 dollar device. You can notice a significant size difference between stock back plate and Qi charging back plate and a fair weight gain as well though considering the phones size it isn’t an issue. In fact over all there aren’t any issues with the device.

As far as looks go it feels like this is how the Samsung Note 4 was designed to look and feel. The added weight and thickness are barely noticeable though it does prevent you from using some full body cases. This might be a specific issue for people needing hard shell break proof or waterproofing solutions.

Functionality is as you’d expect with no over-heating or weird feature interference. A lot depends on your Qi charging pad the unit charges quickly (not as smooth as fast charging) and the placement of the phone on the pad was easy. I expected fiddling around and the like but it was quick and easy. If only I could charge my laptop like this, the world would be a better place.

My only real complaint is the price. At $79 AUD I’d expect something more. Likely we are paying for the brand, to have the Samsung guarantee it’s not going to cook your Note 4 but I would have liked to have seen a front flap style case for the money. So you get the trade of, wireless charging with the original Note 4 look, or a broader choice of casing that lack wireless.

At the end of the day convenience trumps all, wireless charging is just to good a feature to pass up.

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