To everyone contacting me via any source regarding SEO services… **** YOU!!!!!!

You can tell I’m pissed because I used capitals and multiple explanation points.

Seriously, am I the only person who is now hanging up twice a day on arse holes trying to use bullshit pre-scripted sales pitches to sell me SEO services or life insurance.

I’ll give you a hint.

Happy Birthday – Me in 2014

It’s been a longish year, and a lot has happened over the arbitrary period of time noted previously. Not important.


I got Rock Smith for Christmas birthday… whatever.



TPP – Why arent Australian’s annoyed?

I’m always astounded by how little interest Australia takes in technology.

As a country we are uniquely situated to not only pump resources into new technologies but take advantage of said technologies. With recent backlash regarding the lackluster FTTN #FRAUDBAND roll out of fiber across the country to the sudden and almost impromptu embracing of regional schools and technical teaching aids such as tablets and electronic whiteboards it was starting to look like Australian’s were ‘getting’ it.

However the TPP is a clear sign we don’t ‘get’ it. In fact our bumbling, yokel conservative ‘well I don’t know bout that there thingy but I likes me some porn’ approach to the internet is going to leave the whole world reeling. Is that you, or someone you know more interested in how fast and free they can download illegal movies or pornography than securing the internet as a resource for the generations to come. Shame on you.

How to be a movement.

Yeah, its simple just…

I miss video games so much – Part 1

Hi, you might know me from such video games as everything that was released ever, and you’ll know I simply love video games.  All of them, even the one’s that aren’t very good. So when I say I fucking hate video games so much I could scream you might wonder what kind of bi-polar point I’m trying to make.

Science is Fun – Grover does 5 fun science experiments

I always loved the science shows on TV. I don’t see them anymore. Fortunately they are still about, clever, funny and totally awesome for the ‘kids’.

Tomska overshares.

I like the idea of people who over share things that really should be over shared. understanding the creative source of some people comes from that over share and although I don’t know that I’d call Tomska a media genius I do love some of his work. So, lets all share a little extra for no other reason than to salve the ungrateful masses of the internet and give them something else to bitch about for a few more hours. Something other than… Milley Cyrus (I’m not sure how to spell it and won’t justify looking it up).

Goodbye Grandpa – Alexander Ridgwell.

I’m not the kind of person to place my “personal” life onto the internet however with the previous few weeks behind me I’d like to leave this somewhere to remember Grandpa Ridgwell.

This was a Eulogy I wrote with my sister, and is a shared moment that hopefully brings out just a little of who this man was and what he meant to us as grandchildren.

Clerks 3 – Kevin Smith at San Diego ComicCON

I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Smith’s film since my introduction back in 2001 (Thanks General Forehead you know who you are.) I must say I couldn’t get through his audio book and I lost interest in his podcasts for a while (a lot of material being rehashed) but I’d be happy to watch another Clerks film.

Hardware Review – Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z – Black

Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z - BlackTwo weeks travelling across Australia (a good time despite the circumstances) is a great opportunity to put my new Xperia Z Case to the test. I’d like to thank the people over at MobileZap my review unit of the Zenus Prestige Minimal Diary for Sony Xperia Z.

First impressions where good, a solid leather case with minimal extra’s. My phone fit perfectly with no need to force it into place and no fear of it slipping out unexpectedly. The leather has a fine texture making the unit as a whole easy to grip and stylish. Robust enough to take a few falls while protecting the phone inside and easy to clean.