“You see, email is clear text.  Yes.  Naked.  When you casually press ‘send’ on an email, it travels across the mail transfer agents to its destination as a stream of human readable text which makes it child’s play for interception and viewing by any agency or individual.  Essentially, you are placing your correspondence in the mail without an envelope. ” 
Dietrich Schmitz

full article here.

Star Fox: Space Oddity | Brentalfloss

This took me by surprise, I’ve never even played the popular Nintendo title and I still found myself chuckling to myself.

You can find the title on band camp here.

Space Hulk 2 – A vulgar Warhammer 40K Fan Animation

I have  soft spot for most things GRIMDARK.

Moon Landond not a Hoax

Interesting short movie. Simplest answer is often the truest answer.

La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf – Pomplamoose

Love the sound over at Pomplamoose

Terraria – It’s an Adventure

I’m 1200 ft down, and all I can think about is ‘Why didn’t I bring more torches?’ It’s dark, and shadows flicker in the dim edges of my vision.I can hear them coming. I had never suspected that my journeywould lead me here, lost and hoping for a miracle, in this dank hole,somewhere far beneath the surface.

Terraria (2011) is developed by Andrew (Redigit) Spinks and his team Jeremy (Blue) Guerrette; Finn (Tiy) Bryce; and Gabriel (Red Yoshi) Henrique Kiesshau. Terraria is a game about discovering your own adventure. One of those focus-on-the-journey- not-the-destination adventures, where you find your inner person struggling to escape into the fantasy.

Lacking a single genre, I would call Terraria an exploration, adventure and building game, themed on such classics as Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo, 1983) and Super Wonder Boy (Sega, 1986). It offers a traditional audio experience, and includes classic background music to match the retro atmosphere. Unfortunately genre classification and traditional review methods don’t do Terraria justice. With this in mind I thought it best to share just one of my experiences with you.