Hardware Review – Sony Smartphone Tripod

Smartphone TripodNot being amongst the group of people known for photographic handling skills I find myself in need of a tripod to get the most out of my smartphone’s ability to capture beautiful memories of my kids at sport, or laughable moments of my friends while drunk. I’d like to again thank the people from MobileZap for their generous provision of one such Sony Smartphone Tripod.

As always it arrived in good time, a lightweight tripod made of black durable plastic and a separate screw mount clamp designed to hold any 5″ or smaller smartphone.

The main purpose of the tripod is as you would expect photo or video shooting. It is reasonably stable and offers great manoeuvrability while shooting, due to it’s lightweight build. This is a concession, as additional weight would offer increased stability but you cant have it all ways. Personally the portability makes the tripod not only functional for shooting but small enough to cart around with all my other portable crap electronics and accessories as a desk stand.

Sony Smartphone Tripod

I did hope for pan and tilt and this isn’t a function of this unit. It would be unfair to expect a full tripod experience on such a small scale though we can dream.

The detachable clamp holds the device firm and offers 90 degrees vertical movement  and 360 degrees of rotation, which means not only great for shooting but great for desktop standing. I find myself using this as a stand all the time as it can rise above the mess of cables cluttering my desk space at any given time of the day.

The only real complaint to this nifty little piece is it’s price. Despite it’s clever design and light weight construction the $60 price tag is a little off putting. At that price it is really a weigh up between portability of the cleverly designed tripod or  a  full sized tripod with greater stability and function. Do you want portability or additional function.

Then again, for those buying Sony has price ever really been a factor vs product quality and design?

Personally I find it’s use as a portable stand that looks attractive enough to get away with on an office desk (watching youtube work related tutorials) and functional enough to use for a quick photo when the kids are being entertaining justifies a few extra bucks against cheaper less sleek and attractive units.

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